Newsletters email marketing

The Taxbriefs Online newsletter service consists of 6 issues per year (quarterly plus Pre-budget and Budget). Newsletters are included in the Tailored Service and are an optional extra for the Essential Service.

So, what makes an effective email newsletter.  The key thing is that any newsletter should be an effective marketing tool for your firm.  It should, of course, keep clients up to date with key financial information, promoting your firm as knowledgeable and strong on client relationships (i.e. that you want to stay in touch with them).  In this day and age of "switching", the continued loyalty of existing clients cannot be taken for granted, particularly as your competitors become more aggressive in their marketing techniques. 

Your newsletter is a way of retaining an existing client during times when that client is not using your service.  

The service we offer is designed to make sending newsletters as quick and painless for you as possible.

  • Design
    First we design a newsletter   - this can be based on standard designs or entirely bespoke (POA).
  • Content
    We create a series of standard newsletters on a regular basis. These summarise and refer back to all the great content that has been added to our legal libraries during the period. We also draft an editorial introduction for each newsletter. You can then edit the content of the newsletter and change the editorial - it's all very easy. We give you a one week window at the end of the month to do this. If you choose not to edit the newsletter, then on the agreed date, the standard one is sent out (in your branding: logo, colours etc). If you wish us to contact you and make the edits for you, then our standard time charges apply.
  • Distribution
    You supply us with a fresh contact list (just four fields required) once per issue and we upload this for you.

Additional bespoke newsletters, invitations, alerts and all manner of mass email communcations can be sent.