Your website will be hosted by our technology partner Conscious who are responsible for keeping the site live from day to day. This makes our website solution very attractive, as there is no need for you to have any technical expertise.

Conscious have very sophisticated technical equipment with high grade servers in a protected environment. Backup systems and load-balancing management systems ensure that the servers can work together so that if any one fails or becomes overloaded, others can share the workload. Website maintenance will be carried out outside of normal business hours. This ensures that your site is available when your customers need it.

The hardware and software used to run your website will be updated automatically, and the costs associated with this upgrade of strategy are all included in your monthly fee.

Tracking visitors to your site

It's important to know who, when and how people are using your website. As part of our standard service, we monitor all the activity on the sites using a number of different tools.

We have developed a suite of reports that store all the relevant information and present it to you through a series of easy to understand graphical reports, making it simple to interpret.

Our reports can show you the following information:

  • Number of visits, and number of unique visitors.
  • Visits, duration and last visits.
  • Authenticated users, and last authenticated visits.
  • Search engines, key phrases and keywords used to find your site.
  • Most viewed, entry and exit pages.
  • Files type.
  • Operating systems used by users of your site.
  • Browsers used by users of your site.
  • Days of week and hours of day.
  • Domains/countries of hosts visitors.
  • Hosts list, last visits and unresolved IP addresses list.

Our technology partner Conscious has built a range of applications which allow us to deliver this new web service so cost effectively. You can be confident that our technology accommodates the latest internet standards, and we will continue to develop our services to meet the exciting and demanding requirements of this fast changing environment.