The Tailored Service for IFAs

Your website is the shop window for your business and is the most effective tool you have for creating a good impression of your firm for prospects. It needs to look good and work well. This doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Taxbriefsonline’s Tailored Service is designed for smaller firms looking for a low cost solution without compromising on quality. Your website will be packed with content developed by Taxbriefs, user-friendly for your clients and full of sophisticated technology, PLUS you can choose from a range of attractive design styles.

Design Process

Your site, your design - the way you want it - constructed by experts to your specification.

The idea of being actively involved in designing your own site may seem daunting, but our experienced design team take you through the process.

The process begins with an initial conference call between you and our team from which a detailed brief on what you want from your site is prepared. We provide a Factfind Guide to take you through issues and decisions you need to consider. This Guide frames discussions for the next call; the Design meeting, and ensures that the time you invest in the process is optimised. The Design meeting call covers the look and feel of your site, how pages are laid out, and the way in which users will navigate around your site. We will integrate colours, and help source images, that support your corporate image. At this stage we will put together an initial mock up of your site, review this with you in a 3rd conference call, noting your likes and dislikes, and from this your final website will be created. Occasionally further changes are required, and of course we can offer additional stages when required.

Our Content

We provide the following content:

  • Knowledgebank Plus - 30+ comprehensive Briefings plus 30+ associated Client Guide PDFs personalised with your corporate branding. The Briefings provide an overview for your users with a clear description of the issues which may affect their financial situation.

  • Branded PDFs - PDF versions of the website content are included on your site in downloadable, printer-friendly personalised reports on a number of subjects. Uniquely, our service allows for the covers of these PDFs to be branded with your logo, so that your brand is associated with the document even when the report is printed out.

  • Management Zone - A distinct area of information, giving your users detailed explanations of management methods. This includes sections on business strategy and law, as well as human resources.

  • Financial News: Stories delivered daily to your site and archived for reference.

  • Facts and Figures - The latest figures at the users’ fingertips, including Pre-Budget and Budget Summaries, Tax Tables, a tax calendar and economic data.

Your Content

Taxbriefsonline’s website service is focused on providing a bespoke solution for your firm. Your website is your primary tool to promote your firm and your services. We help you make the most of it!

  • Who you are - A brief introduction to your business, its background and your range of services commonly found on the homepage. This page should link to a personal view of your firm; Staff Profiles.
  • Staff Profiles - Create brief biographies for all your members of staff including a photo, reference to specific areas of expertise, an email link and direct dial telephone number. You can also tag staff to elements of technical content we provide for your site to create the impression that all content is put together by you, reaffirming your image as the experts clients and prospects should be talking to.
  • Where you are - One of the most common reasons people look at websites when they know your firm is to get contact details and directions. Your contact details, clear instructions of how to find your premises and a map are vital.
  • What you do - Your services. Outlining a detailed list of specific services or areas of expertise you offer is really useful for clients and can bring in additional business. Refer to staff who are lead members of your practice on particular services.
  • Link content to your team - You can also link a photo of a member of staff and a comment relating to the content of the pages such that these appear alongside the text. This further reinforces the link between yourself and the content. And you can change the statement, or photo, at any time using the editing tools.
  • Local Links - You may want to include a page that talks about useful local links, business links, partnerships you may have with other local professionals etc.
Content can be edited easily, whenever you need to, using the Content Management System (CMS) from Conscious Solutions.